Founded in 2019, SO Sensory is a fresh new theatre company based in Wales. We create inclusive and immersive performances for babies, toddlers and audiences with PMLD.

Theatre can sometimes be a daunting and restricting experience. Being made to sit still in the same seat and look in the same direction for two hours can be very distressing for some and not enjoyable at all.

SO Sensory takes a different approach. Our audiences are smaller making the experience more intimate and inclusive. We allow the participants to move around freely and get involved in the performance. We excite the senses and break down the barrier between the audience and the performer. We stay away from conventional theatre and provide accessible, inclusive and engaging performances in a fully interactive open space.

Endorsed by a Paediatric Occupational Therapist and Sensory Integration Practitioner, we have expert guidance when delivering our sensory performances. This ensures that the audience get the most out of their theatre experience. 

Unfortunately like many other businesses during the COVID pandemic, SO Sensory had been forced to close while the globe fought to control the virus and keep us safe. Now we have finally been given the all clear to re-open! Although we are still unable to enter special schools at this time, SO Sensory has been working on Sensory Experiences, where babies and toddlers are invited to explore tactile objects, sounds and lights in an inclusive and safe environment.

Great care has been taken to adhere to all government guidelines put in place, sanitiser is available throughout the session, all objects are sanitized before and in between sessions and all participants have their own objects to play with.

Flashing ducks, flashing balls, coloured lights, SO Sensory logo over the top